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Please do not buy glass blocks before reading our useful pieces of advice! Do not forget that glass is fragile! But why What should you pay attention to when purchasing and building in?? More info



General technical parameters of glass blocks


Price and quality guarantee

  • If you find the same product at a lower price somewhere else, please bring our products back and we will give you a full refund.
  • In case of breakage or quality complaints, we guarantee a product replacement.

Your dreams can be fulfilled for less money, with less effort!
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For magic and individuality:

  • we share ideas and advise on building-in
  • you can purchase directly from the warehouse of the importer
  • you can ask for home delivery
  • you will be offered with price- and quality guarantees
  • we shall help you with individual desing and calculation

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Budapest sample shop:
1147 Budapest, street Telepes 27th
+ 36-20 5081533,
+ 36-70-3912328


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 08: 00-16: 30

Saturday: 08: 00-14: 00

Sunday: Closed

Product acceptance, delivery:
-Personal Receipt if ordered in advance by phone or e-mail to:
1147, Budapest, street Settler 27th
Delivery within -Budapest:
Gross: 2.490.-HUF

-Hungary delivery:
40 kg under the MPL courier service based pricing
40 kg-1000kg to transport pallet, gross: 13.000.-HUF

Traditional glass blocks 

Traditional glass blocks in various sizes, colours

More info

Shower cabins wall 

At last, you can design the size of your shower! More info

Quiktech system building-in system 

You can build your glass block wall without mortar, on your own!

More info

Glass blocks with visual deco  

On requirement, pictures of any size can be built from several glass blocks. More info

Glass block panels 

Ready-made, only needs to be inserted. We make it by individual size. More info
Solid glass blocks 

Elegance, uniquity for bon vivants!
Ideas for building-in. More info

Decorated glass blocks 

Stop monotonity! On your requirement, we can also make individual patterns. More info

Walk floor glass blocks 

Let in the light from upward as well! Lightning up balconies, terraces. More info


Venting the glass block wall, even with mosquito net. More info

Glass mosaics 
Glass panels direct
Hungarian producer!
Always unique demand-driven
A wide palette:
kitchen, bath, decorative
surface covering of space
also receive a colored
glass panels.
Unique tempered glass
is also available on
demand, so they will
fracture and
heat resistant.
Get a quote in the
Contact menu. More info

How to order/shop:

At our webshop, you can do your shopping or price calculation quickly and simply.



1.   Simply choose the products of your interest, indicate the quantity and by pressing the Select button, send them to the group of the selected products, which will be indicated in your virtual Shopping cart.


2.   After viewing all our glass blocks and additional materials and having chosen the ones you need, you can view the selected products by clicking on the ?Shopping cart? button on the top of the page.

Here you can still modify the quantities if needed.


3.  In case you have not registered at our website, please register by providing us some of your data, so that we can confirm your order. (Once you are registered, the system will store your data, thus you will be able to order by providing your email address and password, so if you regularly purchase from us, the order process will be simple and smooth.) Filling in the fields marked with an asterisk (*) is obligatory, without doing so it is not possible to proceed further.

After filling in the data fields, please click on the Save button.


4.   Following this, you will see the main given data, and in case you would like to modify them, you can do it here.

Here you can have a final look at what you are ordering.

Finally, send your order by clicking the Order button.

After this you will receive a short thank you sign, which also indicates that we have taken your order, and will react within max. 24 hours, informing you on the delivery options.

Your order will only be proceeded if the delivery conditions are suitable for you.


You can be ensured that we will offer the most suitable type of delivery for you! Thank you in advance for your confidence, please place your order now!

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Please view our products, and place your order now, or if you have questions, contact us!